The Misalignment of STEM

April 2023 Robeson Group Article

Section 1: | The Misalignment of STEM Education Spending and Parental STEM Backgrounds

As we all know, STEM education is critical to prepare our youth for the future. However, a misalignment between the amount of money spent on STEM initiatives in schools and the number of parents with STEM backgrounds persists. The federal government spent approximately $3.16 billion on STEM education programs in 2017, yet only 6% of US households with children had a resident parent with a degree in a STEM field that same year, according to the National Science Foundation.

Section 2: | The Difference in Approach

While The Henry Ford Museum and the Detroit Children’s Museum offer STEM programs for school groups, they primarily focus on traditional classroom education. In contrast, the House of Science is dedicated to engaging families in the learning process, regardless of their educational background. Our approach to STEM education makes learning a family affair, as we believe effective learning does not happen in a vacuum.

Section 3: | Providing Global Scientific Access

We take it one step further by providing access to the world’s leading scientific laboratories, allowing families to see science in action and providing a unique global scientific experience.

Section 4: | Meeting the Needs of Families During the Pandemic

With the uncertainty of school closures due to the Covid pandemic, the House of Science’s innovative and accessible programming provides families with the tools they need to continue their children’s education outside of traditional schooling.

Section 5: | Inspiring the Next Generation

Furthermore, our unique global scientific access provides families with a diverse range of perspectives and knowledge from around the world. With concerns about the safety of schools due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the rise of homeschooling, it is more important than ever to make STEM education accessible and enjoyable for families. Join us in our mission to inspire the next generation of scientists, engineers, and inventors, and make STEM education a family affair!


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